Help Page

The Index Map page shows the county divided into what are called Townships and Ranges. When you view this page, you will notice coordinates on the right side and bottom of this image. The vertical coordinates on the right are Township coordinates. The horizontal coordinates on the bottom are Range coordinates. By selecting the appropriate area on this map, you will be taken to a township & range page.  For example, by clicking T16S_R12E (vertical coordinate=Township 16 South, horizontal coordinate=Range 12 East) you will be zoomed into the page with those coordinates.  If one of the areas doesn't indicate that it is linked to a page, it means there are no plat maps available in that area.
This is the Township and Range page (T16S_R12E). It is divided into sections. Click on one of the sections which are labeled by book and page number. This shows where these records are located in the recorder's office.
Click on one of the Book and Page links. This will take you to a pdf document that has the plat map you are looking for.
The arrows help you to move from one township and range page to one adjacent to it without having to use the Index Map page.
The arrows with text take you to the closest page with the same township or range coordinate when there is not one immediately next to it available. We have no maps for some of the Township and Ranges.