San Rafael Swell Country - Emery County, Utah

San Rafael Swell Indian Structures

For thousands of years the San Rafael Swell was the home various groups of indians.  In the San Rafael Swell you can see pictographs left by the Barrier Canyon group that are dated around 8,000 years old.  You can find the remains of pithouses and rock shelters that were lived in by the Fremont indians, and you can find petroglyphs left by Ute indians.  Here are just a few of the indian structures used by the ancient indians.

indianpithouse_small.jpg indianpithouseonpithousehill_small.jpg clydescavern_small.jpg clydescavern2_small.jpg
indianshelter_small.jpg indianrockwall_small.jpg smallfremontshelter_small.jpg fremontshelter_small.jpg
fremontshelter2_small.jpg fremontrockshelter_small.jpg fremontrockshelterwithroof_small.jpg fremontrockshelter2_small.jpg
fremontrockshelter3_small.jpg pithouseremains_small.jpg pithouseremains2_small.jpg pithouseremains3_small.jpg

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