San Rafael Swell Country - Emery County, Utah

San Rafael Swell Mohrland Ghost Town

Mohrland is located in Cedar Creek Canyon, North of Huntington, Utah.  Coal production at the mine bgan around 1896.  Mohrland was named after the mines principle investors: Mays, Orem, Heiner, and Rice.  A business district was established in Mohrland which included a: hospital, boarding house, store, post office, and saloons.  By 1920 Mohrland had over 200 houses, a amusement hall, and a school.  The population was about 1000.  The company worked to make it a pleasant place to live, despite its location at the edge of the desert. The streets were lined with shade trees, and a small stream ran along the canyon bottom.  Mine employees' benefits included medical services, as well as regularly scheduled dances, films, and other social events. Mohrland's company baseball team was particularly popular and successful.  In the spring of 1915, as champions of the Carbon County league, they played an exhibition game at Price against the Chicago White Sox, drawing an audience of over 10,000, but losing by a score of 17 to 1.  Due to a falling economy, and the Great Depression the mine was eventaully closed and the miners moved on to find other work.  The buildings were sold to a salvage company for $50 each, and very little of the town was left behind.

Mohrland Offices

Mohrland Town Offices

Mine Office, Store, Butcher

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