San Rafael Swell Country - Emery County, Utah

San Rafael Swell Railroad Photos

The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad began extending its narrow-gauge line through the northern portion of the San Rafael Swell.  From Green River the railroad would travel through Cottonwood Wash, and Buckhorn Flat to the Castle Valley Junction, located east of Huntington.  At the junction the railroad would divide with one branch going south, and eventually go through Salina Canyon.  The other branch would head north through Price Canyon.  During construction railroad ties were cut in Tie Fork Canyon, a canyon that splits from the main Huntington Canyon.  Once the ties were cut they were floated down the Huntington Creek for 20 miles and then fished out of the creek for delivery to the railroad.  The railorad tie business only lasted for about a year once the railroad was abandoned. 

chimney_small.jpg stonestructures_small.jpg stonestructures2_small.jpg woodtrough_small.jpg
fireringatrailroadcamp_small.jpg fireringatrailroadcamp2_small.jpg itemsfoundatrrcamp_small.jpg railroadcabinatrrcamp_small.jpg
dugoutsinhillatrrcamp_small.jpg railroadcampcorral_small.jpg railroadcampcorralwheretheanimalswerecaredforduringconstruction_small.jpg rrcampshack_small.jpg
railroaddugout_small.jpg limekilnbyrrgrade_small.jpg culvertwithrailroadgradebuiltaboveit_small.jpg railroadculvert_small.jpg
railroadculvert2_small.jpg railroadbridge_small.jpg railroadgrade_small.jpg railroadgrade2_small.jpg
railroadgrade3_small.jpg railroadgrade4_small.jpg railroadgradecutthroughthehill_small.jpg railroadgradewhereabridgewasgoingtobebuilt_small.jpg
rrgradecutthroughhill_small.jpg railroadgradewithties_small.jpg railroadtiesalongrailroadgrade_small.jpg railroadtiesalongrrgrade_small.jpg

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