San Rafael Swell Country - Emery County, Utah

San Rafael Swell Ranch Photos

Ranching in the San Rafael Swell was and is very hard work.  In the early settler days if you were to get hurt you could be two days travel from the nearest help, and if were to make it that far you better hope the people were home.  Due to the arid, and rugged landscape the San Rafael Swell was one of the last places in Utah to be colonized by early settlers, but before the settlers huge herds of sheep and cows were run on the San Rafael Swell.

Ripgut Corral

San Rafael Swell Ripgut Corral

Homesteaders would use old cedar trees as part of their fence or corral. The different shapes of branches and tree trunks would form a strong barrier, and would usually convince the cows or horses inside the fence to stay put. When town settlers would head to the desert to collect wood, they would find these fences, and due to the ease of collecting the wood, the town settlers would create holes in the fences by removing the cedar wood for their fire places in the winter. So the homsteaders would usually have to repair the fences every year.

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