San Rafael Swell Country - Emery County, Utah

San Rafael Swell Ranch Photos

Ranching in the San Rafael Swell was and is very hard work.  In the early settler days if you were to get hurt you could be two days travel from the nearest help, and if were to make it that far you better hope the people were home.  Due to the arid, and rugged landscape the San Rafael Swell was one of the last places in Utah to be colonized by early settlers, but before the settlers huge herds of sheep and cows were run on the San Rafael Swell.

Sids Cabin

San Rafael Swell Sids Cabin

The cabin, listed on the Utah State Register of Historic Sites, was built in 1921, but the wild Swasey Boys (including Joe, Sid, Charley, and Rod) started running cattle out here decades before they finally built the cabin, usually sleeping in the open or in shallow caves. The Swaseys are responsible for naming many landmarks in the Swell, including Joe and His Dog, the Sid and Charley pinnacles, Rodís Valley, Eagle Canyon, Sidís Mountain, Cliff Dweller Flat, and MANY more.

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