Public Notification


     In an effort to create a uniform addressing system in Emery County for the purposes of Emergency Response Services, utilities, records, and geographic information systems, it has been determined that your current address will be affected.

     A public hearing to discuss the proposed ordinance that will establish a uniform system for street addressing in Emery County (Ordinance No. 1234) and address changes has been scheduled insert day, month, year, time, at meeting place.




Emery County

P.O. Box 907

Castle Dale, UT 84513








     Please plan to attend the public hearing to learn more about the ordinance and changes and to voice your concerns.


Information on reverse side.



The purpose of this ordinance is to establish a reliable and consistent system of assigning unique addresses to buildings and properties within Emery County.  It is deemed necessary for the public health and safety in the following respects:


ü       Improved response time by emergency services

ü       Uniform addressing system county wide

ü       Provide reliable data for the development of driving direction systems

ü       Prevent and resolve duplications of addresses, street or road names, confusing or misleading addresses or multiple addresses for a single location.

ü       Improve delivery of public services (building inspection, bus routes, etc.)

ü       Provide coordinating data for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) used by various public utilities, parcel delivery, and other government agencies


Upon acceptance of the ordinance, Emery County will notify the following entities of your address change.  Notifications to any other relevant person or entity will be the responsibility of the citizen.


         Emergency Services                   Emery Telcom

         Utah Power & Light                     Questar

         All incorporated cities and towns participating in the system.


This ordinance will not affect mailing addresses.

For more information on this ordinance, visit