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- Cliffs exist all over in the San Rafael Swell

Horseback and Mule Riding

- Mountain and desert trails are found throughout Emery County

Rock Climbing
- Over 500 climbs characterize the San Rafael Swell


- Hundreds of hikes are available in the San Rafael Swell

- Class V - Rapids in Black Box

- Class V - Price River

- Class IV - San Rafael River, Green River;

- Class III - Muddy Creek, Uintah River

- Class II - Nine Mile River, White River

- Recreational kayaking on all lakes


- Joe's Valley is world renowned for any season sandstone bouldering

- Triassic has winter, late fall, and early spring sandstone bouldering
- Huntington Canyon provides spring, fall, and summer sandstone bouldering

Possible jumps are all over in the desert areas

ATV Riding

- Riders from many parts of the nation ride 14 different routes in the annual Jamboree.

- The Arapeen Trail has over 280 trail miles and the San Rafael Trail is made of about 800 trail miles

Mountain Biking
- San Rafael Swell Mountain Bike Festival in Green River is in May.

- September and October bring the San Rafael Fall Festival at the Wedge Overlook

- Friendship Cruise: A 180 mile boat trip from Green River to Moab (takes place on Memorial Day weekend)

- Rock Crawling is possible in the San Rafael Swell and at the base of Cedar Mountain

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