Culture & Arts

Museum of the San Rafael

Pioneer Museum

John Wesley Powell River History Museum 435.564.3427
College of Eastern Utah Museum

Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry



Indian Rock Art
Hundreds of images have been discovered in Nine Mile Canyon and throughout the San Rafael Swell


Emery County Community Theater

Several full-script plays are performed yearly

Conn Anderson: 435.381.5505


Emery County Fair
The best small county fair in Utah that provides wholesome entertainment to residents and others through art and craft displays, local talent, and shared company


Emery County Arts Council

This organization provides support and encouragement to local artists
Karen Truman: 435.384.2896

Jennifer Fauver: 435.748.5559


Piano Teachers' Association
Union of 6-8 piano teachers that provides teacher support and sponsors honor recitals and piano festivals

Elise Tuttle: 435.748.5781


San Rafael Folk Art Festival
Takes place during Emery County Fair time. Atlatl throwing, Scottish festival, cowboy poetry, mountain men, and many more demonstrations. Held at the Museum of the San Rafael.
Janet Petersen: 435.381.5252

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