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Welcome to the official website of Emery County

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General Site Layout, Functionality, & Design

Click on an area of the graphic or a label to view information about that feature.


Channel Menu

Displays navigation for the current channel (i.e. department, government office, miscellaneous site).  Changes according to the corresponding channel.


EmeryCounty.com Portal

Provides links to every website on EmeryCounty.com, including some external sites.  The portal is the main navigation between department sites.


Home Page Hyperlink

By clicking the Emery County Logo, site users will return to the EmeryCounty.com homepage.


Page Banner

The Page Banner denotes your location within the site.  It is generally also the title of the page.


Page Content

This area of the page is where information, some links, and other content is located. 


Side Info Panel

This feature is included in nearly every page at EmeryCounty.com.  It provides quick access from the current page to informational pages.  The links are updated weekly as necessary and applicable.  Information on the panel includes links to Current Issues, News and Information,and Events and Notifications.  It also includes current weather provided by Emery Water Conservancy District.



Items on the toolbar are primarily information, troubleshooting, and help links for EmeryCounty.com.  This toolbar is included in nearly every page at EmeryCounty.com and can be helpful if something on the site seems to be working incorrectly or users cannot locate the information needed.


Utah.gov Portal

Clicking the Utah.gov logo redirects users to the Utah.gov homepage.

Clicking "State Online Services" redirects users to a page at the Utah.gov website that lists all state services that are available online.

Clicking "Agency List" redirects users to a page at the Utah.gov website that lists all state agencies.

Clicking "Business.utah.gov" redirects users to the Business.utah.gov homepage.

Typing keywords and clicking go redirects users to a page at the Utah.gov website containing the results of the search.