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Quick Facts
Named in honor of Hon. Orange Seely, the first man called to settle Castle Valley. Orangeville got it's beginning in 1879 with only four families.  More...

Geographical Information

Population: 1,398
Elevation: 5797 Feet
Coordinates: 39 13' 35" North / 111 3' 11" West
Map of Orangeville - Read Disclaimer
Orangeville Zoning Map

Town Council

Mayor - Roger Swenson

Council- Carol Stilson, Carole Larsen, Brandon Hoffman, Janet Tuttle, Kirk McQuivey

Recorder: Ruanne Leeflang
Treasurer: Cindy Nielson
Building Inspector: Trenton Bennett - 435-749-0722
American Legion Post 39: Tommy Reid
American Legion Auxilliary: Lorraine Frandsen
Maintenance: Kim Heiniger, Tracy Addley
Cemetery Maintaince: Allen Childs
Garbage Collection: Emery Sanitation
Animal Control: Travis Tuttle - 435-749-9479
Zoning Administrator: Allen Childs - 435-749-0440
Cemetery Sexton: Grace Humphrey
Fire Chief: Tracy Addley
Youth City Council: Mindy Nicholson


Phone: 748-2726

Hours:  Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Address: 125 South Main



Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Orangeville 1st Ward: Phone: (435) 748-2276
Orangeville 2nd Ward: Phone: (435) 748-2231
Orangeville 3rd Ward: Phone: (435) 381-2955
Sunday - Services begin at 9:00 a.m.
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City Celebration
2018 Calendar
Easter Egg Hunt - March 28
Orangeville Days- July 19-21
Annual Christmas Celebration - December 20th

Building Permits

If you are planning to do some building and constructing (this includes fences, retaining walls, carports gazebos, shed, patios, etc) needs a zoning clearance first please call Allen Childs (749-0440) if you have any questions on your project give Allen Childs a call before  you start your project it will save you time and additional fees if no permit is obtained. All re-shingles, re-roofing projects do need building permits and inspections under Utah Code. Building Permits are purchased at Orangeville City Hall during business hours.

2018 Dog Licenses

Orangeville City's Dog Licenses for 2018 are due, they can be purchased at the City Hall as of December 1st through March 1st for: $8.00 for an altered dog, $25.00 for an unaltered dog.   All dogs, that includes all house dogs small and large and outside dogs within city limits and any others that are brought into the city for long periods of time need to be licensed.  Orangeville City ordinance states in most areas of the city you are only allowed 2 dogs per household and no dogs should be running at large there is a leash law.  If you have moved into Orangeville after March 1st please come into the city office with rabies information and license your dog within 10 days of moving in.  Emery Animal Health Clinic in Castle Dale offers rabies clinics call for an appointment 381-2311. They will also license the dogs at the clinic as well.

Business Licenses

Business Licenses fee is $35 for most licenses and $50 for Commercial Business License. If you have any type of business in Orangeville and have not obtained a license in the past, please come into the city hall and pick an application for the required license.

Orangeville Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule    
Return Check Fee   $20.00
Building Rentals:    
Old Fire House Community Center   $75.00
Deposit   $100.00
City Hall - Council Room   $35.00
Deposit   $100.00
Large Pavilion   $25.00
Med. & Small Pavilion   $10.00
Kitchen   $25.00
deposit   $25.00


*Area code is: unless otherwise specified

Emergency Phone: 911
Animal Control Center: 748-2651 (Dog Licenses Due March 1st)
Cottonwood Elementary School: 748-2481
City Hall: 748-2651
Emery High School: 381-2689
Fire Department: 748-2519
Fire Department After Hours: 381-2404
San RaFael Jr. High School: 384-2335
Library (435)748-2726
U.S. Post Office (435)748-2548

City Office Hours

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday


Town Meeting Schedule

Notice is hereby given that Orangeville City has scheduled their regular monthly City Council meetings for 2018. All City Council meetings will be held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. Except for September which will be on Wednesday, September 5, 7:00 p.m.

Planning and Zoning meetings will be held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30pm. Board of Adjustment meetings will be held as needed. Anyone wishing to meet with the City Council should call City Hall for an appointment by Friday before each scheduled meeting. All meetings will be held at Orangeville City Hall, 25 North Main.

Youth City Council meets on 1st Thursday at City Hall 5pm. For youth 7th - 12th grade. Contact Mindee Nicholson or Carol Stilson.



(435) 748-2651


(435) 748-2700

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 677

Orangeville, UT 84537

Physical Address:

25 North Main Street

Orangeville, UT 84537


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