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Fee Schedule

Standard Fee


Per Instrument (Document)*


Each additional description (metes & bouonds, lots, 1/4 1/4's) over 10

$40.00   Mining Claim Documents
$2.00   Each claim over Ten


* Documents include Mining, Federal Tax Liens, or Releases, and UCC documents.

**Less description, right-of-ways, and easements, when described, are considered an extra description as well as are additional claims on mining documents.


All standard fees must be paid in advance (Utah Code Section 17-21-18) 

Subdivision Maps


Per Page (34 x 36 Mylar)


per lot

$10.00   Survey plat (filing only)

Other Fees


Copy of Recorded Document (per page) if we make copies

25¢   Copy of Recorded Document (per page) if customer makes copies


Copy of Ownership Plat


Copy of Official Subdivision Plat


Certification of Document

50 each additional page

25   Computer Screen Printout
$1.00   First page of fax or email


For pages after first page of fax or email

$1.00   Plats 18 x 18

Copies of Subs, Annexations or maps

$2.00   18" x 24"

24" x 36"

$5.00   36" x 48"

All Recording fees are set by State Legislature, Utah Code 21-2-3.  Effective May 14, 2019.
Copy Fees are set by County Commission.

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