MK Tunnels


In late 1947 military personal suddenly appeared in the Buckhorn Flat Area, provoking widespread speculation and rumors that were further fed by the atmosphere of Cold War secrecy. Eventually it was announced that explosives were to be detonated deep underground to test the structure of the rock. The Morrison Knudson company began tunneling in 1948 with a sizable crew, some of whom were housed in temporary structures on-site while others lived in Castle Dale. The project was completed after several years with the detonation of some 320,000 pounds of high explosives, but itís ultimate purpose, if, any was never revealed. "Edward A. Geary A History of Emery County" Locals believe the purpose was for a complex similar to that of Cheyenne Mountain and the sandstone failed to pass the tests. There are no services at this location.  Bring lots of water.  The road is in relatively good condition.  Some parts of the road will require high clearance of your vehicleMAP