San Rafael Swell Country - Emery County, Utah

Eagle Canyon

Eagle canyon is a remote, but very beautiful canyon located in the San Rafael Swell.  To access Eagle Canyon you will need to have a high clearance vehicle or ATV.  Please stick to the vehicle trails.  By following the dry wash in Eagle Canyon you will pass under the Eagle Canyon bridges used for I-70, and you will have the chance to visit many arches, pinnacles, and side canyons filled with exploration opportunities.  Eagle Canyon was named by the Swasey brothers.  Legend has it that when two of the Swasey brothers first discovered the canyon one of them bet the other that an eagle wouldn't be able to fly out of the canyon because of its depth.

San Rafael Swell Eagle Canyon PinnaclesSan Rafael Swell Eagle Canyon BridgesSan Rafael Swell Eagle Canyon Arch

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