San Rafael Swell Country - Emery County, Utah

Hondu Country

A visit to the San Rafael Swell Hondu Country will take you through the untamed back country of the San Rafael Swell.  If you follow the brochure and map you will encounter breathtaking landscapes, primitive hiking, old uranium mines (do not enter the mines), and to top off the trip you will see a natural arch called the Hondu Arch.  The opening of Hondu (commonly spelled “Hondoo”) Arch reminded early explorers of the knot in a cowboy’s lariat, which the Spanish call a Hondoo.  Red Canyon, the Penitentiary, Hebe's Canyon, and the Chimney are among the highlights.  While hiking the Hondu Country you may be lucky enough to find one of several Indian rock art panels found in the area.

San Rafael Swell Tomsich ButteSan Rafael Swell Hondu Country LandscapeSan Rafael Swell Hondu Arch

San Rafael Swell Hondu Country Map

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