San Rafael Swell Country - Emery County, Utah

San Rafael Swell Reef

The San Rafael Swell Reef is located on the eastern edge of the Swell near Green River, and can be seen along southeast I-70, and on State Road 24 heading to Goblin Valley or Hanksville.  The San Rafael Reef is a Navajo and Wingate sandstone bluff that steeply rises out of the desert, and at a length of 50 miles long between Price, UT, and Hanksville, UT.  The San Rafael Reef contains many spectacular slot canyons, balancing rocks, rock climbing, wildlife, Indian rock art, arches, hiking trails, geocaches, ATV trails, abandoned uranium mines, canyoneering, and dinosaur fossils.  The San Rafael Swell Reef has been included in several movies as well.  Look at our Film Photos to see more pictures of the San Rafael Swell Reef. In the latest Star Trek movie many of the background shots of Vulcan were taken at the San Rafael Swell Reef.

San Rafael Swell ReefSan Rafael Swell Reef VulcanSan Rafael Swell Reef

San Rafael Swell Reef Map

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